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Pets to Bring into Dominican Republic

The entrance of animals to the country is controlled by the Animal Health Department, which depends on the Secretary of agriculture. There is no import tax on the entrance of these animals.

You must obtain a properly signed health certificate and rabies vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian at the point of origin of your pet's travel. Certificates must be obtained not more than 10 days before travel commences. If the point of origin is the United States, and the animal is to be returned to the US, retain copies of all papers to facilitate the return.

If the pet is to accompany you, the documents must be with you to present to the Health Inspector when you enter the Dominican Republic. Otherwise, the pet will be quarantined.

If the pet is shipped separately, the documents must be attached to the air waybill. If the air waybill is not accompanied by required documents, the pet will be quarantined. Pets must be shipped in an animal cage container. Please note that many US carriers ban the travel of pets in the cargo hold of their aircraft during the summer months.

Please contact the relevant authorities in the Dominican Republic well in advance if you plan to bring an animal which is listed in any of the appendices to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).





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