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Dominican Republic Military


The Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic (Fuerzas Armadas de la República Dominicana) consists of approximately 44,000 active duty personnel, about 40% of which are utilised for non-military operations, including security providers for government owned non-military facilities, toll security, prison guards, forestry workers and other state enterprises. The president is the commander in chief for the military. The primary missions are to defend the nation and protect the territorial integrity of the country.

The army, twice as large as the other services combined with about 24,000 active duty personnel, consists of six infantry brigades, a combat support brigade and a combat service support brigade. The air force operates two main bases, one in southern region near Santo Domingo and one in the northern region of the country; and the Navy maintains seven ageing vessels and four new vessels.

The Dominican Republic's military is second in size to Cuba's in the Caribbean. The armed forces participate fully in counter-illegal drug trade efforts. They also are active in efforts to control contraband and illegal immigration from Haiti to the Dominican Republic and from the Dominican Republic to the United States (via illegal transportation of Dominicans to Puerto Rico). From 1930 to 1963 the Dominican Republic was the dominant military power in the Caribbean.


Military branches
Army, Navy, Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Dominicana, FAD) (2009)

Military service age and obligation
18 years of age for voluntary military service (2007)

Manpower available for military service
males age 16-49: 2,440,203
females age 16-49: 2,326,694 (2008 est.)

Manpower fit for military service
males age 16-49: 2,056,774
females age 16-49: 1,921,836 (2009 est.)

Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually
male: 97,766
female: 93,922 (2009 est.)

Military expenditures
0.8% of GDP (2006)





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